Angela Boyd

Founder and Creative Director

Angela's career in the community services sector spans 10+ years.  She has assisted vulnerable people experiencing a range of complex issues, through the provision of counselling and tailored supports, to overcome their challenges and lead quality, meaningful lives. 


She has experience as a psychologist working with children, young people and families providing counselling, behavior support and developmental programs to individuals and groups. Angela also has a wide experience in developing policies and programs for vulnerable people to help them achieve their potential.

She is known for her creative and innovative thinking and her passion and energy for creating social change. Working collaboratively with young people, communities and teams to help them think differently and harness the belief that they can attain what they thought was unattainable is what motivates her.


She is passionate and focused about utilising her skills and knowledge to create supports that will help vulnerable young people become the emerging leaders of the future. 

Pyxis's Advisory Board

 Pyxis Australia is supported by an Advisory Board .  The Advisory Board provides valuable advice and support for the business development and operation.  Specifically, the Advisory Board:

  • Provides strategic and operational expertise or advice on issues of importance to Pyxis

  • Offers industry and community feedback

  • Reviews, monitors, or assesses the program's and their impact

  • Engages other individuals of influence who are important to the business

  • Actively represents the voice of the clients in program design 

  • Serve as an unbiased and independent sounding board.

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