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At Pyxis Australia we aim to:

  • empower young men and women by supporting them to develop the skills, knowledge and courage to lead a life that is meaningful and purposeful; and

  • support businesses by creating innovative workforce solutions that will assist them to be competitive in today's market. 

At Pyxis Australia we believe that within each young person is the desire to create a life that is meaningful to them where they can utilise their skills and abilities and realise their unique potential. 


Pyxis Australia's goal is to work in partnership with both young people and businesses to create sustainable and meaningful work opportunities.  By:

  • working alongside each young person we help them discover their skills and abilities, gain work experience opportunities and develop trusting relationships that will help them build the capacity to take control of their lives and lead a life of purpose and meaning.

  • partnering with businesses we help them harness the diverse talents and skills that young people, including those from difficult backgrounds, can bring into their organisations.  Our team supports businesses to understand that a person's background does not determine their future.  It is the unique combination of skills and determination that young people bring that will help businesses thrive in today's competitive market.

We do this by providing a holistic early intervention approach that builds the skills and psychological well-being of young men and women.  We offer a range of supports including, mentoring, individualised career supports, workshops, and linking to meaningful work opportunities.  Through these activities young men and women are supported to develop the skills, confidence, and individual goals that will assist them to transition into meaningful and sustainable career opportunities.

We also develop strong and collaborative relationships with businesses.  By doing so we can develop individualised  responses that will deliver innovative workforce solutions to meet their unique business needs.  Our  approach supports businesses to be sustainable and economically viable through harnessing the potential that young people can bring to their business.

"I am truly honored to be part of your journey in changing the lives of those who don't necessarily have a voice."

Mandy Stannard, Pyxis Australia Advisory Board member.

Why PYXIS Australia was founded

Young people, who face a range of barriers and disadvantage, often lack the self-belief that they are capable of creating a future that is purpose-driven and meaningful.


Our aim is to:

  • help young people redefine their views about themselves and their experiences to showcase their individual skills, aspirations and potential; and

  • demonstrate to businesses that what matters the most is where each young person is going to rather than where they have been.

Our programs:

  • assist in developing interpersonal skills that assist young people to cultivate positive relationships

  • support the emotional development of young people so that they are more equipped to deal with challenges that arise

  • build confidence and self-esteem to take on new challenges and forge new beginnings

  • build supportive relationships with schools, businesses and communities and create an environment of high expectations

  • support businesses and young people to create shared positive outcomes



Young people recognise their unique strengths and skills and are engaged in work that is meaningful and sustainable.


Businesses recognise that embracing diversity and inclusion improves efficiency and performance, maximises untapped potential and fosters equality and social inclusion.


A diverse generation of young people will build on Australia’s competitive strengths, innovate, and increase productivity to grow the economy. 


Stewardship – we believe in supporting and developing our emerging young leaders
Agency – we believe in building individual’s sense of control over their life
Responsive – we believe in delivering timely and flexible supports
Discovery - we believe in self-discovery and reflective learning
Collaboration – we believe that partnerships drive innovation and deliver creative solutions

PYXIS 's Unique Offerings

Pyxis Australia exists to assist young people who are or have been in out-of-home care to unlock their unique career potential.
All young people deserve the opportunity to reach their potential and succeed in reaching their goals irrespective of the challenges that life has thrown them.  At Pyxis Australia, we provide personalised support to young people, who are or have been in, out-of-home care.  We encourage and support them to develop the knowledge and skills they need to identify their unique career path.
We work with businesses to understand their needs, their job roles and core competencies. We believe that through developing a clear understanding of the unique needs of each business we will be able to match them with young people who will help them to deliver high quality services.
We believe that to create meaningful and sustainable change in the lives of young people a two-fold approach is required.  Working with with young people and businesses our aim is to increase confidence about the future, and create strong economic benefits to the community, including increased workforce productivity, available workforce, staff retention and creative thinking.

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